Advanced laser treatment to removes unwanted hair. Effective alternative to shaving waxing, plucking and electrolysis.

At Fresh Medical Spa, we offer laser hair removal in Windsor, Ontario using the Palomar™ laser! Suitable for men and women of all skin types.

Frequently Asked Questions 

The laser beam passes through the skin’s surface and damages the hair follicle. The damaged follicles inhibit future hair growth.

High intensity light targets the melanin (pigment) in the hair follicle destroying it with heat. The laser is able to treat multiple hair follicles at a time and large areas making it a faster, less painful solution.
Hair grows in 3 stages, Laser Hair Removal affects hair in it’s growth cycle. Hairs will reach their growth cycle at varying times so multiple sessions are required to treat all unwanted hair.
Please Note: This advanced technology is able to treat all skin types and tones including tanned skin, however, it cannot remove grey hair and may show minimal effects on blonde hair.

Almost every area of the body can be treated including:

  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Bikini Area
  • Back
  • Stomach
  • Face

Your Laser Hair Removal appointment will take place in our convenient, centrally located, medical spa in Windsor, Ontario. Treatment time will vary depending on the size of the treatment area. Small areas such as the upper lip may take as little as 5 mins whereas larger areas such as a full leg make take upwards of 1 hour.

Results are not immediate. Hair growth will slow, and hair should begin to fall out within 3 weeks of each treatment. Multiple sessions are required to treat all unwanted hair.

Results are dependent on a variety of factors including skin tone, hair color and hormone levels. Laser Hair Removal will effectively slow hair growth on most people however periodic maintenance may be needed to extend hair-free period.

  • Minor redness and swelling
  • Hyperpigmentation (not typical, usually not permanent)
  • Blistering
  • Please avoid plucking, tweezing, electrolysis or hair waxing for 2-3 weeks prior to treatment.
  • Treatment area must be fully shaved prior to each treatment. Please Note: A shaving fee will be applied.
  • Your skin should be clean and dry. Please refrain from applying makeup, creams, oils, topical products or tanning products to the treatment area before your appointment.
  • If possible, avoid sun exposure for the first few days after treatment. SPF 30+ is recommended on treated areas.
  • Avoid scrubs or abrasive products on treated areas within the first few days after treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Price List