The Benefits of Laser Treatments

Your skin puts up with a lot from pollution to harsh UV rays. The good news: Flawless skin isn’t impossible, but it does take effort. If you’re one of the millions whose dealt with acne during adolescence (and maybe well beyond into your 20’s, 30’s and even 40’s) there are likely signs to show. Add in a not-so-stellar diet, hormonal shifts, stress and normal aging and you may not be thrilled with your current skin […]

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Here’s the scoop on Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Hyaluronic Acid (aka HA) products have popped up in beauty aisles everywhere. This much hyped ingredient has gained superstar status because of it’s many beauty benefits. HA is a naturally occurring substance in the body that works as a magnet for moisture vital to our skin’s health. HA helps your cells retain and regulate moisture levels (holding up to 1000x it’s weight in water) leaving your skin feeling and looking plump, healthy and hydrated. Bonus: Smooth, plump […]

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Ask Our Experts: What’s the best fix for under eye bags & dark circles?

Each week we’ll be tackling one of the most frequently asked questions here at the spa & sharing the answers for all! From common concerns to specific situations, we’ve got you covered! This week is all about refreshing tired looking eyes: Q. What’s the best fix for under eye bags and dark circles? We passed this question over to Rosemary, here’s what she had to say: A. The best way to combat both eye bags […]

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A Closer Look at Aging Eyes

Our eyes, like every other part of us, gradually change as we age. While you might be one of the lucky ones still seeing 20/20, over time your eyes might not look as bright, or as open, as they once were and it may not be just a matter of sleep. The truth is, some of the best solutions for a tired looking appearance begin with the eyes – actually – it’s not just the […]

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The Top Mens Treatments

Long gone are the days when spas were labeled a ladies-only enviroment. From laser hair removal to Coolsculpting and cosmetic injections, what once seemed outlandish for many guys is now more commonplace (and culturally acceptable) then ever. We ladies like to look good, there’s no shame in the men getting in on the action too. No one, man or women, enjoys seeing new wrinkles, sagging skin or those stubborn pockets of fat. The good news: […]

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Cosmetic fillers vs Neurotoxins

Cosmetic Fillers​ & Botox ​are an industry craze now more than ever! These injectables are so well loved because they deliver efficient, desired results without the need to go under the knife. While these cosmetic enhancers are so renowned for eliminating signs of aging, they are oftentimes confused for one another. Cosmetic fillers ​are a gel-like injectable, often formulated with hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring sugar molecule found in your body). These fillers can not […]

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Link Love: Skincare, Disappearing Fat & Beauty at 40

Happy Friday! We’ve rounded up a few great reads from around the web from skincare to the biggest mystery of all: where does the fat go after body contouring treatments? Take a look: • Skin care products your dermatologists want you to toss |  LINK • Where does the fat go after cosmetic procedures?  |  LINK • Experts reveal the beauty treatments you should be doing by 40  |   LINK   Interested in a treatment, but not […]

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Double Chin Treatment Options

The dreaded ‘double-chin’ has finally met its match! Until recently there were very few options available to combat this common concern. Thanks to new innovations in medical aesthetics there are finally two effective, Health Canada approved, treatment options designed to reduce or eliminate submental fat (the fat/fullness below the chin).   BELKYRA® Belkyra® (marketed as Kybella® in the US) is the first injectable treatment of it’s kind that’s specifically designed to target excess fat under […]

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Pre-Holiday Prep: What to do & when to do it

Let’s face it: The holiday’s can be a hectic time of year. Between those office parties, family gatherings and swanky soirees, some me-time is a MUST! Show off your best self when the holidays hit with this pre-holiday guide: 3-4 WEEKS BEFORE: • Microdermabrasion Treatment and/or Chemical Peel: Slough off that dull top layer of skin to reveal your fresh, youthful skin below. • Anti-Wrinkle Injections: Ease the lines around your eyes, forehead & between […]

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3 reasons why we love Lytera!

Not only is LYTERA® Skin Brightening Complex is one of our best-sellers, it’s also a fresh team fav! We don’t love it because we sell it, we sell it because we love it and here are 3 reasons why you’ll love it too: 1) It’s Great for All Skin Types: This lightweight lotion works wonders on all skin types, so everyone can reap the benefits! Women should not use LYTERA® if they are pregnant, lactating […]

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