The Faces of Fresh: Meet Jenny!

Looking for expert advice? Look no further than Jenny! Whether your interested in skin care basics or after in-depth info, Jenny always has the answer and breaks it down into easy to understand advice. When she’s not educating clients or performing one our advanced procedures you’ll find her swapping entertaining stories with the staff! How long have you been with Fresh Medical Spa? 2.5 years What’s the best part about working at Fresh? I love […]

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The Faces of Fresh: Introducing Issra!

The first to go is likely the first person you’ll see when you walk through the Fresh front doors: Say Hello to Issra, our jack-of-all-trades! Issra manages the Fresh front desk, is a vitamin & supplement wiz and a multi-tasker extraordinaire! When she’s not manning the phones, booking appointments or educating clients you’ll find her reading up on the latest and greatest in health and beauty. How long have you been with Fresh Medical Spa? […]

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The Faces of Fresh: Meet Our Team!

A fresh start at our new blog, how about some introductions? Each week we’ll be sharing some background and introducing each member of the Fresh team. Get to know us through a short questionnaire covering everything from our ‘Favorite parts of working at Fresh’ to our ‘All-Time Favorite Movies’ and so much more! Have any questions for the team? Let us know in the comments below! Stay tuned for the first introduction…

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